Sunday, October 23, 2011

Natural Resource Management and Climate Change Advisor

CHF International’s mission is to be a catalyst for long-lasting positive change in low- and moderate-income communities around the world helping them improve their social, economic, and environmental conditions.

CHF International is seeking a highly skilled and experienced NRM and Climate Change Expert to lead the climate change activities in a proposed USAID-funded program in Ethiopia focusing on improving the resiliency and adaptive capacity of pastoral communities to climate change through market expansion. The Pastoral Resiliency Improvement and Market Expansion (PRIME) project will concentrate on climate change, pastoralism/livestock and chronic vulnerability as it aims to increase household incomes and enhance resilience and adaptive capacity to climate change through market linkages. The NRM/Climate Change Advisor will be responsible for integrating climate change into broader programmatic activities, and providing technical expertise on climate change policies and issues.

Specifically, the NRM and Climate Change Advisor will:

•Lead the integration of climate change activities in the project , such as: introducing new methods of conservation in water-stressed areas, introducing improved livelihood systems in areas vulnerable to climate change impacts, improving water resources management, starting up community-based natural hazards management and response programs, and introducing improved farming practices and technologies that can better adapt to climate variability and change. •Improve productive and competitiveness of livestock by providing technical expertise and assistance on NRM, climate change adaptation and climate change policy in Ethiopia. •Analyze climate change adaptation in pastoral areas to inform project activities and contribute to government and GCC debates and policies.

Qualifications: •Masters degree in environmental studies, natural resource management, agriculture, livestock, development or related field of study. •5 years experience in pastoral land management, natural resource management, or climate change adaptation. •5 years of advocacy in the pastoral areas in relation to NRM, land tenure or land management. •Superior research analysis and report writing skills, particularly in advocacy policy briefs and publications. •Experience working on USAID-funded projects preferred. •Experience working in Ethiopia or the Horn of Africa preferred.

For more information and to apply, please visit the CHF website


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