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Consultancy - Market Survey for Livelihood Projects

Terms of Reference


Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is a private independent, non-profit organization (NGO), founded on the basis of humanitarian principles, and human rights in general, to securing the protection of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), and to promoting long term solutions to the problems of forced displacement. DRC started working in Somalia since 1997 supporting Ethiopian Refugees, Somalis Returnees and Internally Displace Persons. Currently, DRC programs focuses on people uprooted by conflict and natural disasters including IDPs populations, and host communities. Our core programming areas includes; Food Security and Livelihoods, WASH and Infrastructure, Protection and Advocacy, Community Development, as well as Emergency Response.

For nearly two decades, Somalia has been in a state of political turmoil. Since it was instated, the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) has not been able to create a functioning government with broad based support. Currently the TFG holds a very limited authority over much of south-central Somalia with various Islamic groups controlling the majority of the region. With the creation of semi-autonomous regions including Somaliland, Puntland and Jubaland, Somalia still remains divided on many fronts.


The objectives of the projects under which this market survey will be conducted include:

a) To protect and support primary livelihood mechanisms in selected locations of Mogadishu and Somaliland (OFDA)

b) Strengthening of conflict management and critical livelihood capacities for vulnerable youth in Somaliland (Turning the Tide)


The overall objective of the proposed market survey is to provide information on small scale businesses that have got market potential within the targeted areas and how they contribute to improving the lives of beneficiaries as well as stimulate local economies. To realize this objective, the market survey exercise will focus on a number of specific things to include:

• Determining what types of small businesses (production or services) would best generate income for women, men, youth or other vulnerable groups in the targeted communities or IDP camps.

• The consultant should then conduct market surveys for these business opportunities detailing the followings:

  1. The current level of availability of the identified service / product in the local marketplace

  2. The average price for which the service / product is being sold

  3. The types, quantities and price of the inputs needed to begin production / the service. (Identify costs for establishing profitable small businesses highlighted in the survey findings).

  4. Demand for the product / service and whether there is a need for it in the marketplace

  5. Potential consumers of the product / service, location of the consumers, and their estimated purchasing power

  6. Means for transporting the product to the potential consumers and associated transportation costs

  7. The level of interest among youth or women in launching the specified type of business

  8. Identify major sources of supplies for local markets

  9. Identify/suggest with reasons, the appropriate mode of supporting such ventures (one time payments versus installments or for example revolving funds, loan, grants. Etc.)


To ensure achievement of the above, the Consultant / firm will undertake the following key tasks:

• Develop an Inception Report detailing among other things; the process and methodologies to be employed to achieve the objective of this consultancy as stated above. It should include the interview schedules, and important time schedules for this exercise, and present to DRC Program Team for review and further inputs.

• Undertake desk review of the relevant project documents and any other relevant documents.

• Review key and relevant DRC Horn of Africa Programme Strategy (2012 – 2014) documents in view of the project focus, development targets in relation to the project’s intervention areas.

• Design data collection methodology, taking into consideration relevant gender analysis framework(s).

• Design, develop, critique (with DRC team) and refine data collection tools, including translation to the local Somali language, where necessary.

• Conduct a comprehensive field based survey [using both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods] and collect data on targets– based on indicators as documented in the project proposal.

• Write up the Market Survey Report. The format of the report will be as follows:

  1. Title page

  2. Executive Summary (short, succinct summary of the report not more than 2 pages)

  3. Introduction and brief summary of the livelihood projects being implemented

  4. Methodologies used for the survey

  5. Description of findings (qualitative and quantitative)

  6. Conclusions

  7. Recommendations

  8. Annexes (sample data collection tools, Photos & any documents related to the survey)

• Present the draft report to DRC program team for first review before producing a second draft.

• Submit a Final Market Survey Report to DRC as stated in the Consultancy Contract.


The consultancy will commence with the consultant developing a work plan for the entire period of the consultancy

The assignment will take EIGHTEEN (18) chargeable days beginning on a date to be mutually agreed with the selected consultant

The report must be submitted on an agreed date which is not later than two weeks after the completion of the field work.


The assessment will be coordinated by the Livelihoods Coordinator and Area managers of the Somaliland and Mogadishu.


• Provide transport to and from the field.

• Provide travel insurance to the consultant

• Provide accommodation to consultant

• Pay consultancy fees at a mutually agreed rate


• The consultant should provide a personal computer and will be expected to make a quality report.

• Actively engage with the group & community members and other stakeholders to generate adequate information to make informed decision.


• Four (4) bound hard copies of the Report.

• Soft copy of the Report in two (2) CDs.

• The consultant will also be required to submit to DRC all study materials including: 1. Soft copies of all data sets both quantitative and qualitative

  1. All filled quantitative data collection tools and qualitative data recording materials.

  2. Any other non-consumable documents/items that will be used in the course of the planned consultancy


• Bachelor’s degree on Commerce, Business, Community Development or related field;

• Proven experience conducting market assessments, feasibility studies and setting up small businesses

COMMITMENTS DRC has a Humanitarian Accountability Framework, outlining its global accountability commitments. All staff are required to contribute to the achievement of this framework (

APPLICATION PROCESS Applicants should send a 1-page cover letter that clearly explains their motivation for applying, as well as why they are particularly suited to achieve the job responsibilities, together with their CV (not longer than 4 pages) to: Please indicate “Market Survey” as the subject heading.

The deadline for applications is 31. October, 2011.


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